The Perils of Coaches Standing There Instead of Spotting

Aside from questions of whether coaches should “stand there” or not, if & when they do, it is imperative that they actually be ready to spot Continue reading

Coaches Taking Credit for Successes Must Take Credit for Failures

If a coach is responsible for the success of gymnasts, it logically follows that they are also responsible for failures and mistakes of their gymnasts. Continue reading

Younger Sister Banned From Gym

A parent wants to move her oldest gymnast to a higher level gym and the current gym bans a younger team gymnast from staying and competing on their team. Continue reading

What Coaches Should Expect From Their Expectations

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In the Zone – The Gymnastics Zone

Athletes in every sport at least have heard the concept of competing in the zone, but there are some differences to competing in the gymnastics zone. Continue reading

Who Should Coaches Let On Their Team?

Virtually every team training program advertises “By Invitation Only” access to high level coaching, mistakenly filtering out possible champions early. Continue reading