7 Types of Practice To Produce Peak Gymnastics Meet Performance?

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Play iPhone and iPad Videos in Slow Motion

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3 Ways to Play YouTube in Slow Motion Easily and Instantly

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Definition: Double Twisting Kasamatsu

Double Twisting Kasamatsu – The official FIG definition for the vault is it is a Kasamatsu straight with 2/1 twists and named by the FIG as the Lopez. The vault is a 1/4-1/4 entry vault into a somersault with an … Continue reading

How to Tell the Best Coaches from the Worst Coaches

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Definition: Shushunova

Shushunova: Elena Shushunova is a former Soviet, Russian gymnast who was a European, World and Olympic Champion. Shushunova was the first to perform several unique and difficult skills, named after her including her signature Shushunova (a straddle jump to land … Continue reading