Ancient Gymnastics History

There is little to no direct knowledge available about the earliest times of man’s gymnastics activities. There is no doubt among historians that people performed gymnastics and gymnastics-related activities like tumbling, jumping, swinging movements and group acrobatics early in the … Continue reading

Are You Sure She Should Be On the Team?

We do not have team tryouts as such. We are constantly looking for gymnastics talent among our class and training team programs and are well aware of which gymnasts are ready for the challenges of the team experience. In the … Continue reading

Beam Equipment Progressions

For all the skills listed in the Secrets to Staying on Beam e-Book or any other beam training progression system, there are the additional equipment progressions relating to beam height and padding. All skills should be mastered on a line … Continue reading

Dance and Ballet for Gymnastics

Dance Program Overview Dance is one of those aspects of gymnastics that is difficult to properly integrate into the average gymnastics program. Gymnastics Dance There are several reasons for this. In a gym with only a male gymnastics coach, the … Continue reading

Gymnastics Strength Training

Effective gymnastics strength training involves a lot more than just doing gymnastics skills. Learn the elements of an efficient training program here. Continue reading

The Developmental Stages of Gymnasts

Gymnasts pass through a number of physical and developmental stages during their gymnastics careers. These are periods of readiness to learn, physical readiness and physical and emotional maturity. There is tremendous growth and development in the current affected physical capability … Continue reading