Definition: 10.0

10.0: The highest possible and most desired routine/execution score for gymnasts to achieve on a single routine.  In the past and perhaps in the future, at least for international gymnastics, execution scores are scored out of a 10.0 and difficulty scores are … Continue reading

Uneven Bars Skill Learning Progressions

Bar progressions, just like progressions on all the other events, should be presented in a convenient order in approximately in their order of difficulty. The important part here is that the skills are taught in a logical order, which can … Continue reading

Back Walkover Problem

Subject: Back Walk-over Problem My daughter has been in gymnastics for four years. She has struggled with a correct back walk-over during the entire time. She has to go into a back bend and then kick over. Do you have … Continue reading

Twisting Arm Wrap Technique

Subject: Twisting Dear Coach, Hi. I can full twist in a somersault, but just! Is there anywhere I should put my arms to get a better twist??? Thank you!!! Arm Wrap Twisting Technique There are two major biomechanical factors related … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Meet?

We were at a huge Optional Invitational meet and in the same rotation with one other team. We were starting the meet out on beam. Our three Level 8 girls were last in the rotation and were already warmed up. … Continue reading

Compulsory Floor and Tumbling Animations

Front Tuck Errors: Should use more of an overarm rather than underarm take-off. Must stick landing. Round-Off Two Back Handsprings Back Extension Roll Errors: The compulsory back extension does not pike down to knees. Flip-Flop Tuck Errors: The gymnast makes … Continue reading