Definition: Adduction

Adduction: Hip adduction is bringing the knees together. Shoulder adduction is pressing the arms downward while out to the side.

Definition: Adagio

Adagio: Adagio means slow, in ballet and dance it means a slow, sustained movement In music notation, Adagio means “slowly.” In dance and ballet, the word adagio does not refer to the music accompaniment, but to the type of ballet … Continue reading

Definition: Active Stretching

Active Stretching: An example of this method of active flexibility stretching is doing high kicks with the leg. This is the type of flexibility exercise has more potential for muscle tears and soreness than passive or partner stretching, which is the … Continue reading

Definition: Acrobatics

Acrobatics: A gymnastics term for control skills requiring balance, strength, and/or flexibility. Sometimes called corner skills in men’s gymnastics.  For women, it includes some of the slower, more controlled elements, like a front walkover. See also –Sports Acrobatics.

Definition: Acro

Acro: Term referring to tumbling skill on beam or floor exercise, used most commonly when describing combination dance-acro requirements.

Definition: Abduction

Abduction: In general, refers to movements moving outward from the center of the body.  Hip abduction is moving the legs, knees and feet outward. Shoulder abduction is moving the arms and hands out to the side. Abduction, for gymnastics, usually … Continue reading