Definition: Allegro

Allegro: means fast, in dance it refers to jumps performed to a sharp, quick tempo.  There are two types of allegro jumps – grand allegro are large jumps and petite allegro are small jumps.

Definition: All Around

All Around: Describes a gymnast who competes in all their gymnastics events. For men, this is six events, and for women it is four events.  Also refers to the event competition won by scoring the highest score sum total in … Continue reading

Definition: Airplane

Airplane: A trampoline skill done by jumping with a ½ longitudinal axis (LA) twist to a front drop. Airplane Drills and Progressions with young gymnast Best one done at 3:05

Definition: Aerial

Aerial: A gymnastics tumbling skill performed without the hands touching the floor or the apparatus. In other words the skill takes off from one or both feet and lands on the other foot or both feet. Most commonly used to refer … Continue reading

Definition: Adolph

Adolph: A front somersault (usually layout) with 3½ twists done on trampoline.   Adolph – front 3½ twist – done on backyard trampoline

Definition: Adductor Muscles

Adductor Muscles: The pair of adductor muscles on the inside of the thighs pull the legs toward each other.  These are the muscles that must be stretched in order to perform a straddle split. When walking and running, the adductors … Continue reading