Definition: Arabesque

Arabesque: In gymnastics and ballet, a pose on one leg with the other leg extended behind the body. The supporting leg either bent or straight. Stand on one foot and raise the other leg to the back in a split … Continue reading

Definition: Apparatus

Apparatus: Any one of the pieces of equipment used in gymnastics competition, including the vaulting table, uneven bars, balance beam, the horizontal bars, parallel bars, the pommel horse and still rings.

Definition: Amplitude

Amplitude: In gymnastics, this term refers to height, distance and full extension in the execution of a particular skill. In general, the higher the or bigger a skill is performed, the better the amplitude and the resulting score. Historically at … Continue reading

Definition: Amanar

Amanar: In women’s vaulting, this is the name for a 2&1/2 twisting Yurchenko vault. a vault named after Simona Amanar of Romania.  It is a Yurchenko-style vault, with a round-off onto the board, a back handspring onto the horse, and … Continue reading

Definition: Alternates

Alternates: Any tumbling pass that directly connects two saltos (somersaults or flips) by the use of any handspring skill.   For example: Round-off whip back handspring whip. It is more common to see alternates done with backward tumbling rather than front … Continue reading

Definition: Allongé

Allongé: Dance term meaning to to stretch or elongate.