Definition: Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics: Artistic gymnastics is the Olympic sport for men and women performed on apparatus and judged individually, by event, in the All-Around and by team. Men’s events are floor exercise, horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, still rings and … Continue reading

Definition: Arrière, en

Arrière, en: This is a ballet and dance term meaning to the back. The term is usually used to indicate that a step is executed moving away from the audience, for example, a glissade en arrière.

Definition: Arch

Arch: An arch is a body position, in which the back is curved backwards, the chest is open and the body takes on a convex shape.  It is often used in dance movements to make them look more extended and … Continue reading

Definition: Arabian Double Front

Arabian Double Front: An Arabian double front is an Arabian front (a 1/2 twist into front somersault) done with two front somersaults, instead of just one. It can be done in any of the tumbling positions, either tuck, pike, open or, even, … Continue reading

Definition: Arabian Front

Arabian Front: A tumbling somersaulting skill, which usually begins from a back tumbling skill like a round-off or back handspring, and consists of a ½ turn into front salto.  Can be done in tuck, pike or layout and can also … Continue reading

Definition: Arabesque Penche

Arabesque Penche: An arabesque scale in which the back is allowed to drop so that the rear leg may be raised higher.