Is My Gymnast Talented?

One of the most common questions coaches hear from parents is “Is my gymnast really talented?” For gymnasts on our team who have been tested, screened and chosen to join the team our answer is always positive. This is not, … Continue reading

Come Running Customer Service

There are a number of descriptions for the type of service that a great business should provide. We have talked in terms of POS (Positively Outrageous Service) before, but now we want to describe another type of service that is … Continue reading

Definition: Avant, en

Avant, en: Dance term meaning to the front.

Definition: Attitude

Attitude: A pose on one leg with the other extended with the knee slightly bent either to the front, side, or back. A position of the body, similar to the arabesque, where the extended leg is bent at the knee. … Continue reading

Definition: Assemblé

Assemblé: To assemble, a jump from one foot landing on two feet.  A common ballet and gymnastics movement where the legs are brought together in the air. It begins with a step and ends on both feet. The gymnast lifts … Continue reading

Definition: A Skills

A Skills: The lowest level of difficulty rating for gymnastics skills other than moves of no value.  For example, front and back handsprings are rated as “A” level skills by the F.I.G. (International Gymnastics Federation).