Definition: Back-In, Full-Out

Back-In, Full-Out: A double back salto with a full twist.  The twist is initiated and completed during the second salto.  Also called a Full-Out   Full Out in Layout

Definition: Backgrab

Backgrab: A term used in gymnastics to describe when a gymnast kicks one leg to the rear while standing, grabs the leg from overhead, and ends up in a needle scale position See: Needle Scale.

Definition: Backbend

Backbend: A body position with an high degree of bending with an arched back and stretched shoulders where the hands and feet are on the floor.  To do correctly, the shoulders should be over the hands and done with straight … Continue reading

Definition: Back

Back: A backward somersault. Also called back salto, back flip, back tuck, back pike, back layout. See Back Somersault.

Definition: Back Walkover

Back Walkover: A control skill gymnastics move starting and finishing on the feet and made by lifting one leg, arching back into and passing through a handstand position by bringing one foot, then the other over the top and stepping … Continue reading

Definition: Back Somie/Back Salto Dismount

Back Somie/Back Salto Dismount: A somersaulting dismount off beam, parallel bars, rings, bars or even pommel horse using an back aerial somersault.