Definition: Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic Stretching: The use of momentum or “bouncing” to force a limb beyond its range of motion in order to warm up or increase flexibility. Examples of ballistic stretching would be leg swings or bouncing in splits. Such stretches may … Continue reading

Definition: Ball Out

Ball Out: On trampoline this term refers to a front somersault done from a bounce on the back.

Definition: Balançoire

Balançoire: A dance term that means see-saw. A see-saw movement that as the leg moves forward and backwards, the body bends in the opposite direction.

Definition: Balancé

Balancé: A dance move meaning to swing or rock, usually done as a swinging 3-step movement.

Definition: Balance

Balance: 1) A static gymnastics or dance position, which holds the body in a distinct shape and is usually used on beam. 2) A state of equilibrium or be in equilibrium 3) A routine that has its elements evenly spread … Continue reading

Definition: Balance Beam

Balance Beam: 1) A piece of women’s gymnastics apparatus 120 centimeters (4 feet) high, 10 centimeters (4 inches) wide, and 500 centimeters (16 feet) long. 2) A women’s gymnastics event performed on the balance beam apparatus. The balance beam routine … Continue reading