Definition: Blind Change

Blind Change: A high bar or uneven bar skill done from a back giant, with an inward pirouette (on post arm, ½ turn inward toward stomach) over the top of the bar to end in a front giant. Blind changes … Continue reading

Definition: Bhavsar

Bhavsar: A rings skill named after U.S. gymnast Raj Bhavsar. It is a pull through momentary, front lever press to Maltese.  It has been rated by the FIG as an E level skill (F if done with straight body).

Definition: Bhardwaj

Bhardwaj: A salto on uneven bars named after U.S. gymnast Mohini Bhardwaj. She first performed the skill in International competition in 2004. It is done from a hang on the high bar, facing the low bar with a swing forward, … Continue reading

Definition: Battement

Battement: A dance term meaning movement of the leg.

Definition: Barani

Barani: A forward somersault with a half-twist. The skill is most often done in the layout  position  and the twist is done with a ¼ in, ¼ out twist timing. In TnT (Tumbling and Trampoline) competitions, a barani is any … Continue reading

Definition: Bar

Bar: A horizontal rod that serves as a part of a gymnastics apparatus for gymnasts as they perform exercises. They are found on uneven bars, high bars and parallel bars. A bar can also be called a Rail.