Definition: Bridge

Bridge: Another term for a backbend in which the body forms an arch, supported by the hands and feet. Ideally, the arms and legs should be straight and close together. It is often done starting by lying on the floor, … Continue reading

Definition: Brause

Brause: An uneven bar skill named after Doris Fuchs Brause. It is done from the low bar facing away from the high bar, with a cast to front salto forward and catching the high bar.  It has been rated as … Continue reading

Definition: Borden

Borden: A balance beam skill named after Amanda Borden.  It is a straddle pike jump done from a sideways position on the beam with a ½ or ¾ turn.  It has been rated as a C level skill by the … Continue reading

Definition: Bonus Points

Bonus Points: Each skill has a Level of difficulty rated by the FIG as an A, B, C, D, E, F or G level skill.  Bonus points in a routine are usually created by the combination of difficult C or … Continue reading

Definition: Body Wave

Body Wave: A wave-like contraction movement of the entire body passing through the hips, shoulders, arms and head.

Definition: Block

Block: The term block in gymnastics is usually used to describe a rapid bounce, repulsion or rebounding off the floor or vault with the arms. The block comes from the shoulders exploding towards full extension and usually is used in … Continue reading