Definition: Cat Leap

Cat Leap: A gymnastics and ballet leap where a gymnast takes off from one foot, raising one knee and then the other in a turned out position and the toes pointed.  Also called a Pas de Chat.

Definition: Cartwheel

Cartwheel: A gymnastics movement where the gymnast moves sideways (in the motion the wheel of a cart would follow) in a straight line alternately placing the hands and feet on the ground and finishing with the body coming up to … Continue reading

Definition: Candlestick

Candlestick: A candle stick is a shoulder stand position where the gymnast is essentially resting on the back of their shoulders with their feet pointed towards the ceiling. The gymnast’s arms can be in a variety of original artistic positions … Continue reading

Definition: Cabriole

Cabriole: A gymnastics and ballet leap in which one leg is extended in midair and the other beat against it before the gymnast lands on the foot used for take-off. Cabrioles can be done to the front, side and back.  … Continue reading

Definition: Buck

Buck: A short gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated.  It used to be used lengthwise for vaulting and sideways for learning pommel horse skills.  It is not commonly used for vaulting training any longer, but still is … Continue reading

Definition: Bryan

Bryan: A pommel horse skill named after U.S. gymnast Casey Bryan. It is a scissors with  ½ turn to handstand, ½ pirouette and straddle back down. It has been rated by the Fig as a C level skill.