Definition: Circumduction

Circumduction: The act of moving the body, with or without apparatus, in a full circle with forward and backward flexion of the trunk and one hand leading the other to make a small circle in front of the body or … Continue reading

Definition: Chow

Chow: An uneven bar skill named after U.S. gymnast Amy Chow. It is a Stalder backwards to a handstand on the high bar with 1 and ½ turns in the handstand to a mixed-L grip.  It has been rated by … Continue reading

Definition: Choreography

Choreography: (1) A compilation of movements which make up a dance or gymnastics beam or floor routine. (2) The artistic creation of original movements which make up a dance or gymnastics routine with all the necessary requirements: acrobatic and choreographic … Continue reading

Definition: Chest Stand

Chest Stand: A front prone arched balance pose in which the performer’s chest is resting on the floor for support and the legs are up in the air over the head stretching forward.

Definition: Chassé

Chassé: A dance movement of the feet which gives the impression of one foot chasing the other, often used as a lead-up to a leap.

Definition: Chainé Turn

Chainé Turn: A turn on the balls of the feet, usually done in a series of half turns. Turns that are linked together; that is chained together. To do this turn correctly, it is especially important to spot the turn … Continue reading