Definition: Compulsory

Compulsory: All gymnasts competing compulsory routines must perform specified skills in a specified order. Compulsory routines have been eliminated from higher level optional gymnastics competitions.  Compulsory is an adjective used to describe routines, levels and gymnasts.

Definition: Compulsories

Compulsories: A routine in which the elements are pre-determined by an organization such as USA Gymnastics (or other national federation) or by the FIG. Routines that are specified and designated by the gymnastics federation for certain levels of gymnasts and … Continue reading

Definition: Composition

Composition: The structure of a gymnastics routine and how each individual element, movement or skill is arranged into a routine is called the composition of the routine.  The overall arrangement of individual movements and skills into a gymnastics routine.

Definition: Cody

Cody: Back somersault from a front drop on the stomach done on the trampoline.  This can be a difficult skill to rotate when first learning it.  It is a good training drill for Tzukahara vaults.

Definition: Code of Points

Code of Points: The official FIG rulebook for judging gymnastics skills from the International Gymnastics Federation and/or other national federations with the rules in which the scoring system and the composition of a program are based. The code of points … Continue reading

Definition: Clear Hip Circle

Clear Hip Circle: A back hip circle in which the body hips do not touch the bar. At the optional level, the skill should start and finish in a handstand. Also called a Free Hip Handstand.