Definition: Daggett

Daggett: A pommel horse skill named after U.S. gymnast Tim Daggett.  It consists of a scissor backward with ½ counterturn.  It has been rated as a C level skill by the FIG.

Definition: Cross

Cross: A strength move performed on the still rings, in a straight body or “L” position, with the body perpendicular to the floor and the arms stretched straight out perpendicular to the body. Also called an Iron Cross.

Definition: Crash Dive

Crash Dive: A trampoline skill where ¾ of a front somersault is performed landing in the back.  Also called a suicide, but that term is not too popular with gym owners.

Definition: Counter Turn

Counter Turn: A counter turn is most often used to describe the turning of the hips in the opposite direction of a double leg circle. When a gymnast has their legs straight in front of them, their hips should be … Continue reading

Definition: Coupé

Coupé: A ballet term whose literal meaning is to cut.  It is a ballet dance movement that calls for the non-support foot to be pulled sharply off the floor and placed with a pointed toe either in the back or … Continue reading

Definition: Concentric Muscle Contraction

Concentric Muscle Contraction: A concentric contraction is when a muscle shortens while contracting. Doing a pull-up by contractng the biceps  is an example.