Definition: Dislocate

Dislocate: This is a skill in gymnastics, that involves a rotating of the shoulders when performing a backwards turn or movement. Dislocates require a degree of shoulder flexibility to perform.  On bars, dislocates are often done out of a glide … Continue reading

Definition: Développé

Développé: This is a ballet and gymnastics dance movement. A développé is done by drawing the toe of the gesture leg (which bends at the knee and hip) up the front, side, or back of the supporting leg, until it … Continue reading

Definition: Demi-plié

Demi-plié: Literally translated to a small bend. This is a  fundamental ballet movement that calls for the knees, to bend in perfect alignment over the toes with the feet flat on the floor and making sure that the  heels of … Continue reading

Definition: Degree Of Difficulty

Degree Of Difficulty: A rating that measures the difficulty of the specific moves in a gymnast’s routine. It is factored into the total score after judges have scored the execution of the moves. Each skill has a Level of difficulty … Continue reading

Definition: Deduction

Deduction: Points that each judge deducts for each incorrect execution and/or composition. Points are taken off a gymnast’s score for any errors. Most deductions are pre-determined, such as a 0.5 deduction for a fall from an apparatus or a 0.1 … Continue reading

Definition: Dawes

Dawes: An uneven bar skill named after U.S. gymnast Dominique Dawes.  It is a back giant with 1 ½ turn in the handstand.  It has been rated by the FIG as a D level skill.  Its FIG number is  4.403.