Definition: Double Twist

Double Twist: A single layout somersault with two twists. See also Double Full.

Definition: Double Lay/Double Layout

Double Lay/Double Layout: A double back salto performed in the layout position. can be performed on tumbling and as a dismount on bars and rings. Favorite Gymnastics Skills – Double Layout RSS feed posted by Gymnastics Gifs Anna Pavlova, Marissa … Continue reading

Definition: Double Full

Double Full: A gymnastics tumbling skill consisting of a single layout salto with two twists. It can also be done as a dismount from beam or bars, although it is rarely used off bars because of the difficulty of landing … Continue reading

Definition: Double, Double

Double, Double: A double twisting, double back somersault tumbling skill. This is one of the most difficult tumbling skill currently done on a regulation gymnastics floor. It is done in either the open tuck position or in layout. It is … Continue reading

Definition: Double Back

Double Back: A tumbling skill with two consecutive backwards somersaults done in the same skill movement. Double backs can be done in any body position – tuck, pike, open, or layout.

Definition: Dismount

Dismount: The term used for the last skill in a gymnastics routine. For most events the method used to get off of the event apparatus. In high level competition, this skill should be at most one skill value below the … Continue reading