Definition: Endo Shoot

Endo Shoot: A bar and uneven bar skill done by performing a forward straddle circle, usually to a handstand, named after Frank Endo.  Also called an Endo.

Definition: Element

Element: A single move that has a recognized way of performance and technical value. To be named after a gymnast, he or she must first submit the element to the FIG and then successfully perform the element in a FIG … Continue reading

Definition: Elbow Stand

Elbow Stand: An inverted pose in which the performer balances on the forearms on the floor.  Kind of like a handstand on the forearms.

Definition: Eccentric Muscle Contraction

Eccentric Muscle Contraction: An eccentric contraction is when a contracting muscle lengthens. An example is lowering down by straightening the arms from a chin-up.

Definition: Eagle Grip

Eagle Grip: In an eagle grip, a gymnasts hands are turned 180 degrees outward from a regular over grip. The hands and thumbs are turned out in the grip. This position requires a high degree of shoulder flexibility to swing … Continue reading

Definition: Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching: The use of a controlled swinging movements through the range of motion of a limb, in order to warm up or increase flexibility. See Active Stretching.