Definition: Flip-Flop

Flip-Flop: Also known as a Flic-Flac or Back Handspring

Definition: Flip

Flip: Tumbling element that rotates about the transverse (horizontal) axis. Also called somersault, a salto or somie.

Definition: Fliffis

Fliffis: Any double somersault with a twist including double front with a ½ twist,  full-in, ½ in-½ out and full-out.

Definition: Flic-Flac

Flic-Flac: Also known as a Flip-Flop or Back Handspring. This tumbling element is used in a majority of back  tumbling passes on the floor exercise. It’s also used a great deal on the balance beam.

Definition: Flexion

Flexion: Movement about a joint in which bones on either side of the joint are brought closer together, decreasing the angle of the joint. Any movement of a joint, which brings connected body parts closer together. Opposite of Extension.

Definition: Flexibility

Flexibility: The ability to move a body joint through its full range of motion, the range of motion through which a joint can move without feeling pain. To have a wide range of motion in a joint. An example of … Continue reading