Definition: Free Hip Handstand

Free Hip Handstand: Same as a Clear Hip Handstand or Clear Hip Circle.     Gymnastics Coaches’ Training/Consulting Free Phone Consultation Consulting in every area of the gymnastics business and industry, including training your staff and coaches 25 Years Experience — … Continue reading

Definition: Fouetté

Fouetté: A term applied to a whipping gymnastics and ballet dance movement. The movement may be a short whipped movement of the raised foot as it passes rapidly in front of or behind the supporting foot or the sharp whipping … Continue reading

Definition: Forward Somersault

Forward Somersault: A front salto tumbling skill on the floor exercise or balance beam or done as a beam mount, done in the tuck, pike or layout positions.

Definition: Fontaine

Fontaine: An uneven bar dismount named after U.S. gymnast Larissa Fontaine. She first performed the skill in the 1994 World Championships. The double somersaulting dismount is a back tuck with ½ twist into a front. The skill is rated by … Continue reading

Definition: Flyaway

Flyaway: A back salto dismount from either the unevens or high bar.  Can be done in tuck pike or layout.

Definition: Floor Exercise

Floor Exercise: A gymnastics event which is competed by both men and women, where the gymnast performs tumbling and acrobatic passes on a 40 foot square spring floor. Women’s floor exercise is done to music.