Definition: Front Walkover

Front Walkover: A control skill floor and beam move where a gymnast lunges into a split handstand and continues to walk over and step out onto the feet.  This move requires both shoulder and back flexibility.

Definition: Front Split

Front Split: A split in which one leg is extended frontward and the other leg is extended backward, both at right angles to the trunk. Ideally, the legs are split at least 180 degrees and are flat on the floor … Continue reading

Definition: Front Somersault

Front Somersault: Same as Forward Somersault.

Definition: Front Hip Circle

Front Hip Circle: A mount for the uneven bars in which the body is supported by the hands and the hips rest on the bar. The body falls forward, pikes, the hands rotate around the bar and the gymnast ends … Continue reading

Definition: Front Handspring

Front Handspring: A front tumbling skill that begins with a hurdle step and rotates 360 degrees from feet to hands to feet again. Correct execution includes a strong shoulder block and straight arms and legs.  Front handsprings can be stepped … Continue reading

Definition: Front Giant

Front Giant: A front circling skill done on high bar or uneven bars that begins and finishes in a handstand and circles around the bar in a fully extended position with the hands holding onto the bar with a reverse … Continue reading