Definition: Full Turn

Full Turn: A 360 degree turn gymnastics or dance skill required on both floor and beam.  The turn is traditionally done on one foot and the arms and legs are held and used  in a variety of optional positions.

Definition: Full-in, Full-out

Full-in, Full-out: A double twisting double somersault with a full twist on the first salto and a full twist on the second salto. Also called a full-out.

Definition: Full-in, Back-out

Full-in, Back-out: A double back salto with a full twist with the full twist being performed during the first salto. May be done as a tumbling pass, a bar, beam, rings, or P-bar dismount. May be done in tuck, pike, open … Continue reading

Definition: Full

Full: A back somersault with one full twist in the longitudinal axis, usually done in the layout position.

Definition: Full Twisting Double Back

Full Twisting Double Back: A double back with a full twist on either of the saltos.

Definition: Front

Front: A Forward Somersault.