Are Trampolines and Tumble Tramps Good Coaching and Teaching Progressions?

The question often arises as to whether trampolines and tumble tramps are good learning device and progressions for regular gymnasts. Some coaches and gymnasts feel that since it is so much easier to learn skills on apparatus that provides more … Continue reading

Why Weight Training?

Why is it that in a sport like gymnastics where strength is obviously a basic essential and a key to gaining a competitive advantage is not weight training more common? The science of strength training deals almost exclusively with weight … Continue reading

Gymnastics Safety During Gymnastics Instruction

The first and most important topic in gymnastics instruction is how to stay safe and uninjured. The following is a list of some of the things you can do to help ensure your safety and the safety of others. Be … Continue reading

Barani Pronunciation – Trivia or Trivial

Subject: Pronunciation of Barani Hi, My question is this: what is the correct spelling and pronunciation for a “no handed round off”? Thanks Interesting trivia question. I take it that you are referring to “barani” when you ask this question. … Continue reading

Flexibility for Gymnasts

The Importance of Flexibility You have to be flexible to be successful in gymnastics for three big reasons. There are some skills that you just won’t be able to do if you are not flexible enough. There are some ways … Continue reading

Friendships in the Gym

While it has always been widely known that gymnasts often develop close friendships, especially when they have reached the team level, a 1996 scientific study by Wiess, Smith and Theeboom investigate the topic in depth. How To Win Friends One … Continue reading