In Memoriam: Kim Bird

Gymnastics coach and choreographer, Kim Bird passed away Monday evening, November 19, 2007, after battling complications from Valley fever. Kim was the founder of Tumbleweeds Gymnastics and well known, well-loved and well-respected throughout the gymnastics community. Tumbleweeds Gymnastics was founded … Continue reading

Keep Gymnastics Instruction Fun!

Gymnastics is a naturally fun sport. Running, jumping, climbing, swinging, bouncing and tumbling are activities that you would likely be doing on your own without being in a gym or gymnastics class. You do those things because they are fun … Continue reading

Jump to the High Bar Safety

We had not anticipated putting an individual skill (especially a non-skill, like jump to the high bar) on the safety pages, but having viewed and heard about a series of serious accidents (broken bones) and resulting negative effects (fear) of … Continue reading

Strap Bar Gymnastics Training

One of the differences we have noticed in gymnastics programs is the use and/or extent of use of strap bars. Too many gym programs do not have or use strap bars at all and many do not use them extensively … Continue reading

Coaching Girls’ Gymnastics

There is a big difference in coaching boys in gymnastics and in coaching girls gymnastics. The most noticeable difference is the level of confidence that boys and girls have. Boys often have more confidence than their talent should engender. The … Continue reading

The Transformation of a Gymnastics Meet

Once upon a time, long, long ago… We had the honor of hiring and bringing to the United States two World Champion tumbling coaches. Why they came here is another interesting story that perhaps we will tell sometime later, but … Continue reading