Gymnastics Coaching System

The most important coaching concept is that gymnastics training must be done systematically. The long-term success of the Russians, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans has come from their systematic approach to coaching. Much of the recent success in the United … Continue reading

Gymnastics Coaching Styles – Profile vs. Encyclopedic Training

There are two distinct coaching styles in America today, the vertical progression profile method of coaching and the encyclopedic method of coaching, which is both vertical and horizontal progressions simultaneously. Actually one and this recommended style. Narrow Training Is By … Continue reading

The Gymnastics Coaching Blues

Gymnasts and coaches need to be aware that at the end of the summer, coaches often stress about the difference between what they had hoped to accomplish and what really happened. Often inflated hopes and expectations can lead to an … Continue reading

Choose Between Gymnastics and …

Subject: PLEASE ADVISE HI I have a nine-year-old who has been doing gymnastics for 3 years. He is very talented (I used to do gym myself as a youngster, so I know) in fact last year in second grade he … Continue reading

Learning Kips

Kips are landmark skill for young gymnasts, but are often difficult for gymnasts to learn. Here are some helpful tips. Continue reading

More About Learning Kips

Subject: kips! I tried what you said and it helped but, now all I have to do is pull myself over the bar! How can I do that? I know this sounds a little strange, but you don’t want to … Continue reading