Definition: Grande Jeté

Grande Jeté: A ballet term used to describe a split leap, a large jump that is done from one foot to the other. It can be done either fermé (closed) or ouverte (open); there are many forms of grand jeté … Continue reading

Definition: Gienger

Gienger: A flyaway back salto with a one-half twist, followed by a re-grasp of the bar. Named for German gymnast Eberhard Gienger, who created and first performed the skill. Bailie Key Doing Gienger Nastia Liukin Doing Layout Giengers (and double … Continue reading

Definition: Giant

Giant: A 360 degrees circling swing through around the bar from handstand to handstand, with the body fully extended. It can be performed on uneven bars, high bar, rings and parallel bars, and can be done either backwards or forwards.

Definition: Gaylord

Gaylord: A high bar skill named after U. S. gymnast Mitch Gaylord. It is a front giant into a one-and-one-half front salto over the bar to regrasp a front somersault in tuck, pike or straddled position over the bar. It … Continue reading

Definition: Gatson

Gatson: A P-bar skill named after Jason Gatson. It consists of a swing backward with full turn hop to handstand. It has been rated as D level skill by the FIG.

Definition: Garrison

Garrison: A floor exercise skill named after U. S. gymnast Kelly Garrison.  It consists of a cat leap forward with bent legs and 1 ½ turn.  It has been rated by the FIG as C level skill and its FIG … Continue reading