Definition: Head In

Head In: This is a body position in gymnastics, usually in a handstand, during tumbling or during a giant, where the gymnast’s head is down, with their chin tucked in on their chest or close to it. This is the … Continue reading

Definition: Hayden

Hayden: This is a high bar skill named after U.S. gymnast Daniel Hayden. It consists of a double salto backward in layout, with full twist over the bar. It has been rated by the FIG as a D level skill.

Definition: Handstand

Handstand: An inverted gymnastics control skill performed by supporting the body on both hands, with the arms straight and the body vertical. It is a core gymnastics skill and used or passed through on every gymnastics event. Performing a solid … Continue reading

Definition: Handspring Front

Handspring Front: A term used to indicate either a tumbling pass or vault involving a handspring and front salto. The handspring front vault is a double front vault with a handspring on the front side and a front salto on … Continue reading

Definition: Handspring

Handspring: A front or back tumbling skill that takes off the feet onto the hands and back onto the feet. It is commonly a set-up for a front or back salto. See also Flip-Flop, Front Handspring, and Back Handspring.

Definition: Hand Guards

Hand Guards: Also called Grips. ├é┬áDesigned to help gymnasts on the bars, P-bars and rings. They are usually made up of a strip of leather and a wrist strap and held on with either a Velcro strap or a buckle. … Continue reading