Definition: Hip Circle

Hip Circle: A very basic bar circling skill done on the uneven bars or high bar in which the body circles around the bar with the body touching the bar at the hips and the hands and arms supporting the … Continue reading

Definition: High Bar

High Bar: This term denotes either the men’s horizontal bar apparatus or event. It can also refer to the top bar on the women’s uneven bars.

Definition: Henrich

Henrich: A balance beam skill named after U.S. gymnast Christy Henrich. The skill consists of a stag-split, split leap or jump forward with ½ turn, landing on both feet or in a one-two step-out. It can also refer to a … Continue reading

Definition: Heel Drive

Heel Drive: Coaches use this term or correction to inform their gymnasts that they want them to drive their heels harder up and over on the front side of a handspring vault or front handspring on floor. Increasing heel drive … Continue reading

Definition: Healy

Healy: A common maneuver on the parallel bars and now on uneven bars, high bar, beam and floor where a gymnast starts in a handstand and then falls forward, lifts one arm and executing a full-turn. On the P-bars, a … Continue reading

Definition: Head Out

Head Out: A gymnast’s head is up and their chin is tilted back. This automatically causes an arch in the back, which is a weak body position. There are very few skills in gymnastics and virtually none on bars where … Continue reading