7 Year Old Doing Double Backs, Double Fronts and Twisting

One of our basic tenets of training young, Compulsory gymnasts is training optional level skills & optional progressions. Here are gyms doing it right. Continue reading

Beginner Backward Roll Safety Concerns

There are some backward roll safety concerns regarding neck injuries, especially when young beginner gymnasts are first learning them. Continue reading

Curing Straddle Back Problems

There are a number of training and practice options for fixing problems with a gymnast’s straddle back. which also work with fixing other gymnastic skills. Continue reading

Heart of a Champion Gymnastics Music Videos

Watch two gymnastics music videos for the Fierce Five and Jordyn Wieber set to the song “Heart of a Champion” by Big Hit Buda and featuring Vanessa Jordan. Continue reading

Super Mario Brothers and Other Gymnastics Video Animations

Watch some fun gymnastics video animations, including a combination Super Mario Brothers game style and compulsory beam video. Continue reading

Dominique Dawes Emotional Interview about Gabby Douglas

Watch this very emotional interview with Dominique Dawes about Gabby Douglas and her historic Gold Medal performances. Continue reading