Definition: Hurdle

Hurdle: This term refers to a gymnastics transition from a run to a tumbling skill, most commonly a round-off or a front handspring. A hurdle resembles a skip. In actual gymnastics competition, the hurdle is done from a full-speed run. … Continue reading

Definition: Humphrey

Humphrey: A floor skill named after U.S. gymnast Terin Humphrey. She first performed it in international competition in 2004. It consists of switch split leap forward with a ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position. It has … Continue reading

Definition: Horse

Horse: Formerly, the official gymnastics vault apparatus for vaulting for both men and women. It was long and narrow and women vaulted over it sideways and men vaulted over it the long way. It is no longer used for vaulting … Continue reading

Definition: Horizontal Bar

Horizontal Bar: A men’s gymnastics competitive apparatus consisting of uprights holding a metal bar 240 centimeters (8 & ½ feet) long and 2.8 centimeters (1.1 inches) in diameters, and set at a height of 275 centimeters (9 feet off the … Continue reading

Definition: Hollow

Hollow: A term referring to a gymnastics body position, where hips are turned under, the butt is tucked in and the chest is rounded forward. This is a very important body position in the sport of gymnastics and must be … Continue reading

Definition: Hip Flexors

Hip Flexors: The set of leg muscles and ligaments including the iliopsoas muscle and the iliofemoral ligament which helps control the turnout of the legs from the hip and are primarily responsible for lifting the leg upward. While raising the … Continue reading