Definition: Layout Step-Out

Layout Step-Out: A tumbling skill used on beam and sometimes on floor. During a back layout salto the legs are split and the landing is on one foot and then the other. Most often used now as part of a … Continue reading

Definition: Layout

Layout: This term refers to a straight body position in which salto skills are performed. Almost all twisting skills are done in this position, since it facilitates the twisting process. Twisting double somersaults, however, are often done in the open … Continue reading

Definition: Korbut

Korbut: This is an uneven bar skill created by Russian gymnast Olga Korbut. It consists of a backwards flip from a stand on the high bar to a re-catch of the high bar. The rules no longer permit gymnasts to … Continue reading

Definition: Kip

Kip: A gymnastics bar skill move designed to move from a glide or hang on the bars to a support position. It is done on high bar, unevens and the parallel bars. The skill is uses transfer of momentum and … Continue reading

Definition: Johnson

Johnson: A gymnastics floor skill named after U.S. gymnast Brandy Johnson. It consists of a switch-split leap forward with leg change and ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position. The skill has been rated by the FIG … Continue reading

Definition: Jeté

Jeté: A gymnastics and ballet movement where a gymnast throws their leg and takes off from one foot and lands one foot. It also means to throw or to toss or a sharp movement that either describes a throw of … Continue reading