Definition: Maloney

Maloney: An uneven bar skill named after U.S. gymnast Kristen Maloney. She first performed it in international competition in the 1997 World Championships. It consists of a pike sole circle backward to handstand with a 360° turn after the handstand … Continue reading

Definition: Lunge

Lunge: A position often used to initiate and/or land a tumbling or control skill like a cartwheel. The lunge position is recognizable because the front leg is bent and the back leg is straight. In general, the arms are by … Continue reading

Definition: Long Horse

Long Horse: Formerly, the men’s gymnastics apparatus for vaulting. Basically the old vaulting horse was a pommel horse without the pommels and men vaulted over it the long way. The horse is no longer used for vaulting and has been … Continue reading

Definition: Limber

Limber: A frontward or backward gymnastics flexibility skill that is similar to a walkover except the legs remain together at all times. The skill begins on the feet, passes through a handstand and finishes on the feet again in a … Continue reading

Definition: Leotard

Leotard: A one piece, fitted garment, usually made of a light stretch fabric that fits closely to the skin to cover a gymnast’s body. It allows for complete freedom of movement in order to be able to perform any gymnastics … Continue reading

Definition: Leg Circle

Leg Circle: A basic and standard pommel-horse move where a gymnast keeps the legs together and swings them in a full circle around the horse, with each hand alternately lifted in turn from the pommel to let the legs pass. … Continue reading