Definition: Mixed Grip

Mixed Grip: On the bars, this term refers to a grip with one hand in regular grip and the other in reverse grip, which means on one hand the fingers are facing away and are facing in on the other … Continue reading

Definition: Miller

Miller: An uneven bar skill named after Shannon Miller. It consists of a cast to handstand, with a 1 ½ turn after the handstand to a mixed-L grip. The skill has been rated by the FIG as a D level … Continue reading

Definition: Melissanidis

Melissanidis 1: A vaulting skill in which the gymnast performs a round-off entry onto the vault table and after blocking off the vault table, rotates a double back tuck somersault. It is named after the Greek gymnast, Ioannis Melissanidis, who … Continue reading

Definition: McNamara

McNamara: An uneven bar mount named after U.S. gymnast Julianne McNamara. She first performed the skill internationally in 1981. The mount is performed with a jump to hang on the high bar into a free hip circle to handstand with … Continue reading

Definition: McCool

McCool: A balance beam mount named after U.S. gymnast, Courtney McCool, who first performed the skill in international competition in 2004. The beam mount approaches toward the end of the beam and is a flyspring forward with flight before and … Continue reading

Definition: Mat

Mat: A term that refers to the various types of covered soft polyurethane foam landing equipment. Mats are used for safety, dismount landings and for performing on.