Definition: O’Neill

O’Neill: An still rings skill named after U.S. gymnast Paul O-Neill. It consists of a stretched double feige backward to a hang. The skill has been rated by the FIG as a E level skill.

Definition: Omelianchik

Omelianchik: A balance beam skill named after Romanian gymnast Oksana Omelianchik. It is a back dive with ¼ (or ¾) twist to land in a handstand.

Definition: Olympic Order

Olympic Order: This refers to the order in which gymnastics events proceed in international competition. Unless there are other valid meet planning reasons not to do so (like speeding up a meet or uneven numbers of gymnasts in rotations), it … Continue reading

Definition: Okino

Okino: An uneven bar dismount named after Betty Okino, who first performed the skill in international competition. It consists of a free hip underswing with ½ twist to layout back salto. The skill has been rated by the FIG as … Continue reading

Definition: Needle Scale

Needle Scale: A gymnast balance arabesque type element usually done on beam (but also possibly on floor) balanced on one foot, with the other leg lifted high (preferably showing a 180 degree split) to the back. The body is typically … Continue reading

Definition: Mount

Mount: This term is used both to identify the first skill with which the gymnast starts a gymnastics routine and also means to get up onto a gymnastics apparatus.