Definition: Quad Twist

Quad Twist: A single layout somersault with four twists. First performed in U.S. women’s competition by Nastia Liukin.

Definition: Quadriffis

Quadriffis: Any quadruple somersault with a twist.

Definition: Quadriceps

Quadriceps: The major four-part large muscles of the front thighs primarily engaged in extending the leg at the knee. The quadriceps femoris flexes the leg at the hip and extends the knee. Also know as quads.

Definition: Overshoot

Overshoot: A release move from the high bar to the low bar. It starts on the on high bar facing low bar. The gymnast swings up and over the low bar with a half turn to a catch of the … Continue reading

Definition: Overgrip

Overgrip: An overgrip is hanging (swinging) on the bar with the palm of the hand and fingers facing away from the gymnast.

Definition: Optionals

Optionals: A category of competition in which gymnasts and coaches individually create routines in which the gymnast may perform skills of their choosing which meet the rules as specified in the FIG code of points and under the constraints of … Continue reading