Definition: Walkover

Walkover: A gymnastics floor and beam move where a gymnast moves from a standing position through a handstand position to a standing position while “walking” through the air with the feet. Starting from standing on one foot, go through inverted … Continue reading

Definition: Zero

Zero: which is the score you get if you do not compete in a gymnastics event or do something which voids your score, like not touching the vault table with your hands when you vault, being significantly spotted (not just … Continue reading

Definition: Yurchenko

Yurchenko: A gymnastics vault now performed by both men and women, consisting of a roundoff onto the springboard, then a back handspring like movement onto the vault, followed by some type of back somersaulting movement off of the vault table. … Continue reading

Definition: Uneven Bars

Uneven Bars: A women’s gymnastics apparatus consisting of two fiberglass composite bars – a low bar 148 centimeters high and a high bar 228 centimeters high and set a maximum of 150 centimeters apart. Uneven Bars: A women’s event performed … Continue reading

Definition: Underswing

Underswing: A release move from the high bar to the low bar. It starts on the on high bar facing low bar. The gymnast swings up and over the low bar with a half turn to a catch of the … Continue reading

Definition: Undergrip

Undergrip: A term referring to the type of grip which gymnasts use on uneven bars or high bar. Hanging on a bar with your fingers facing you. Also called a reverse grip.