Definition: Pak Salto

Pak Salto: An uneven bar move in which the gymnast releases the high bar, does a backward flip, and catches the low bar. Named for North Korean gymnast Gyong Sil Pak, who created it.  USA Gymnastics rates this skill as … Continue reading

Definition: Pas

Pas: In gymnastics and ballet, means step or dance, as in Pas De Chat, which means “step of the cat.”

Gymnastic Warmups for Gymnasts

There are a number of reasons to warm-up before workouts. The primary reason to warm-up that everyone agrees upon is to warm-up your body and muscles, i.e. to raise your body temperature. Pre-Stretch Your Body and Muscles Gymnastic warm-ups can … Continue reading

Definition: White

White: An uneven bar skill named after Morgan White. It consists of a front stalder into an L-grip to handstand with ½ turn in handstand. It has been rated by the FIG as a D level skill and its FIG … Continue reading

Definition: Whip Back

Whip Back: A backwards somersaulting tumbling movement similar to a back handspring, except that the hands don’t touch the floor. Whips are used as both direct and indirect connections into other tumbling skills.

Definition: Wells

Wells: A men’s parallel bar named after Trent Wells. The skill is a giant swing backward with in-locate forward. The skill has been rated by the F.I.G. as a “D” level skill.