Definition: Phillips

Phillips: A balance bean skill done by American gymnast Kristie Phillips. It was first performed in 1987 World Championships A handstand straddle split, with a 90 degree backbend, originally performed on the balance beam and press to side handstand, front … Continue reading

Definition: Phelps

Phelps: A vault named after American Jayce Phelps. The vault consists of a half twist on, half twist off into a front layout. It has been rated by the FIG as a D level difficulty skill. Its FIG number is … Continue reading

Definition: Peel

Peel: Peeling off of a gymnastics apparatus refers to a situation where a gymnast involuntarily lets go of the apparatus with their hands causing their body to fly away from the apparatus and often resulting in an almost immediate impact … Continue reading

Definition: Passive Stretching

Passive Stretching: A general term used to describe a static stretch in which an external force (such as the floor or another person) holds the performer in the static position.

Definition: Passé

Passé: A basic gymnastics and dance balance position where one leg is turned outward with the thigh at horizontal, knee bent and toes touching the inner knee of the other leg. Commonly used in hops, jumps and turns.

Definition: Parallel Bars

Parallel Bars: A men’s event performed on a gymnastics apparatus consisting of two bars, each 195 centimeters high and 350 centimeters long, and positioned 42 to 52 centimeters apart. A parallel bar routine is made up mostly of swing and … Continue reading