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Definition: Triple Double

Definition: Triple Double – This term refers to a triple twisting double somersault skill. It can be done as a tumbling pass or a bar dismount. Kohei Uchimura Triple Twisting Double Layout High Bar Dismount Kohei Uchimura Triple Twisting Double … Continue reading

Catnastics Pictures and Captions – lol

Catnastics – Yes, it’s pictures of cats doing gymnastics. Continue reading

10 Steps Toward Zero Gymnastics Injuries

In kids’ gymnastics, there must be zero tolerance for conditions that could potentially cause gymnastics injuries & the goal of zero injuries is achievable. Continue reading

Men’s Vaults Women Haven’t Done… Yet

Vaulting has been one of the events with the most rapidly increasing level of the difficulty of vaults for both men & women reaching the highest level ever. Continue reading

Timers for Double Backs

Double backs are a landmark skill for gymnasts and the methods and techniques for timers are something both gymnasts and coaches should be familiar with. Continue reading