Definition: Pivot

Pivot: A dance or gymnastics turn on the ball of the foot.

Definition: Pit

Pit: A gymnastics safety training constructions in which a large quantity of soft foam is used to cushion landings or any falls off another gymnastics apparatus. Pits are used to train for almost every gymnastics event (not used for pommel … Continue reading

Definition: Pirouette

Pirouette: A term used in both gymnastics and dance to refer to a turn around the body’s longitudinal axis. It is used to refer to both handstand turning moves on bars and p-bars and also to refer to a dancing … Continue reading

Definition: Pipe

Pipe: A term commonly used to refer to a men’s high bar.

Definition: Pike

Pike: A gymnastics body position used in jumps and saltos with the body bent forward at the waist with the legs kept straight. Judges look for more than a 90 degree bend at the hips for correct execution. Somersaulting skills … Continue reading

Definition: Pig

Pig: A gymnastics slang term for the pommel horse, not necessarily an affectionate term.