Definition: Ray

Ray: An uneven bar skill named after U.S. gymnast Elise Ray. The skill is performed facing inward and is a stalder backward with release and counter movement forward to catch the high bar. The skill has been rated as a … Continue reading

Definition: Rail

Rail: A horizontal rod that serves as a part of a gymnastics apparatus for gymnasts as they perform exercises. They are found on uneven bars, high bars and parallel bars. A rail can also be called a Bar.

Definition: Punch

Punch: A gymnastics term that refers to bouncing off of the floor, vault board or beam as opposed to jumping. “Punching” refers to an almost perfectly straight leg quick plyometric movement. Punching movements allow gymnasts to more fully utilize the … Continue reading

Definition: Puck

Puck: A puck is a slang gymnastics term used to refer to a vague gymnastics salto body position that is a cross between a pike and a tuck. It can range from a very open tuck position to a pike … Continue reading

Definition: Port de Bras

Port de Bras: This term literally means carriage of the arms. It refers to the set positions of the arms as well as the manner in which the arms are moved from position to position during gymnastics dance and ballet.

Definition: Pommel Horse

Pommel Horse: A men’s gymnastics event performed on an apparatus 115 centimeters high, 35 centimeters wide, and 160 centimeters long, with two pommels on the top, adjusted between 40 and 45 centimeters apart. A pommel horse routine consists of a … Continue reading