Definition: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Officially called Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics (RSG). An Olympic sport for either one woman or 5 women in group competition consisting of a floor exercise dance with leaps, turns, balance elements and flexibility moves while moving and tossing handheld … Continue reading

Definition: Reverse Turn

Reverse Turn: In ballet and gymnastics, a turn in the direction of the supporting leg; also known as an “inward turn”.

Definition: Rep

Rep: Rep is shortened version of repetition. When doing an weightlifting or gymnastics exercise, a rep is one cycle of the action or motion.

Definition: Relevé

Relevé: In ballet and gymnastics to rise or lift onto the ball of the foot.

Definition: Release

Release: On uneven bars and high bar, to let go of the bar in order to perform another gymnastics move before grasping it again. There are many bar release moves, including somersault and twisting moves. In general, they belong to … Continue reading

Definition: Re-grasp

Re-grasp: On uneven bars and high bar, the act of grabbing the bar again after releasing from it.