Definition: Rudy

Rudy: A front layout somersault with 1½ twists. Also known as a Rudolph.

Definition: Routine

Routine: In gymnastics, a routine is combination of skill elements on one apparatus or event. The number and difficulty of skills depends on the competition format, and skill level of the competitors.

Definition: Round-off

Round-off: A floor or beam skill similar to a cartwheel, but with both feet landing at the same time. It is almost always the beginning skill for all back tumbling passes.

Definition: Roth

Roth: A pommel horse skill named after U.S. gymnast Bill Roth. The skill is performed from a cross support, rearways, reverse Stockli, wendeswing forward to reverse Stockli to cross support forward on other end, without touching pommels. The skill has … Continue reading

Definition: Rotation

Rotation: This is the name for the circular motion around an axis of the body. In gymnastics there are salto rotations and twisting rotations. Rotation: In gymnastics competitions, gymnasts move from event to event to compete and each movement to … Continue reading

Definition: Rip

Rip: In gymnastics, a rip occurs is when a gymnast works so hard on the bars or rings that they tear off a flap of skin from their hand. The injury is like a blister that breaks open.