Definition: Voluntary Routine

Voluntary Routine: This is a term sometimes used to refer to an optional gymnastics routine. The term is not commonly used in the United States.

Definition: Virtuosity

Virtuosity: A term that in relation to gymnastics refers to the artistry, or the degree of rhythm and harmony, displayed when a movement is executed to its maximum in terms of style and elegance. In general, the more gracefully flowing … Continue reading

Definition: Vault Table

Vault Table: The vault table is the new vaulting apparatus for both men and women. The new vault table is designed to be safer by offering a wider and longer top surface to provide a better margin of error for … Continue reading

Definition: Vaulting Horse

Vaulting Horse: The former men and women’s vaulting apparatus was 35 centimeters wide by 160 centimeters long. It was placed long ways for men and width wise for women. It has been replaced internationally and in the United States by … Continue reading

Definition: Vault

Vault: A gymnastics event performed over the vaulting table by both men and women. The gymnast runs down the padded vault runway, vaults off the vaulting springboard onto the horse, blocks off the hands, and finishes the vault to land … Continue reading

Definition: Randolph

Randolph: A front somersault (almost always necessarily done in layout) with 2½ twists. Done in tumbling passes on floor exercies or as a beam dismount. Also known as a Randy.