Definition: Sequence

Sequence: Two or more skills which are performed together creating a different combination skill.

Definition: Scissors Leap

Scissors Leap: (also called switch leap or a switch split leap) A leap in which the legs exchange positions while in the air, showing a split with both legs in one jump.

Definition: Scissors

Scissors: A combination requirement in a competitive routine on the pommel horse, which combines single leg, cuts and undercuts. It begins in a stride support and ends up in the opposite stride support. Scissors: A movement of the legs in … Continue reading

Definition: Scissor Kick

Scissor Kick: A jump from one foot to the other alternately kicking one leg up and then the other with legs straight, simulating the motion of scissors.

Definition: Scale

Scale: In ballet or gymnastics, when the leg is raised high (ideally to a 180 degree split) while balancing on the other leg. Typically done on beam and may be done to the front, back or side and with the … Continue reading

Definition: V-sit

V-sit: A body position used in gymnastics where the legs are raised off the floor in a deep pike position and the entire body is supported by the hands form the general appearance of a “V” shape.