Definition: Sports Acrobatics

Sports Acrobatics: An international sport featuring tumbling, balances, lifts and pyramids. Athletes may compete in Mixed Pair (male base / female top), Women’s Pair, Men’s Pair, Women’s Trio or Men’s Foursome. The athletes perform a floor routine to music consisting … Continue reading

Definition: Split Leap

Split Leap: To perform a split in the air while jumping from one foot and landing on the opposite foot and assuming a split position in mid-air. Ideally done with a split of 180 degrees or slightly more. In a … Continue reading

Definition: Split

Split: Any front or sideward body position in which the legs are extended apart as far as possible in opposite directions with the ideal angle of the legs being 180 degrees or more apart. Splits are designated as side splits … Continue reading

Definition: Specialist

Specialist: A gymnast that competes selected events as opposed to competing all of the events in the All Around. A gymnast that competes only rings would be referred to as a ring specialist. This is currently most common in men’s … Continue reading

Definition: Somersault/Salto

Somersault/Salto: An acrobatic movement where the body makes a complete aerial turn (360 degrees) in the transversal axis. Can be done forward, backward and sideward. It is performed as mount, dismount or during a routine. Also called a flip or … Continue reading

Definition: Set

Set: A set is the lift action for aerial and somersaulting skills. The arms move quickly in an upward direction, then are stopped quickly and locked tightly in relation to the body, transferring the momentum to the salt or aerial … Continue reading