Definition: Step Out

Step Out: On tumbling skills, this means that a gymnast lands on one foot and then the other as opposed to landing on both feet simultaneously. The action is done is a straight line and resemble walking steps. Also called … Continue reading

Definition: Static Stretching

Static Stretching: A type of stretching in which a relaxed position is held without moving for a significant period of time. As opposed to dynamic stretching in which the limb is moved vigorously to stretch.

Definition: Start Value

Start Value: This is a term that refers to gymnastics scoring. The start value of a routine indicates the relative difficulty of the routine. Compulsory routines all start from a 10.0 start value and deductions are made from 10.0. Currently, … Continue reading

Definition: Stall Bars

Stall Bars: A gymnastic athletic apparatus used for strengthening or stretching exercises. It consists of uprights fastened to a wall and connected by horizontal rungs, which make it look lie a ladder attached to the wall.

Definition: Spotting

Spotting: Spotting or to “spot” someone in gymnastics means to physically assist them in safely completing a skill. The amount of spot can range from cueing the gymnast to completely carrying the gymnast through the motion. A spot can be … Continue reading

Definition: Spotting Belt

Spotting Belt: A spotting belt is a belt that a gymnast wears to which is attached to ropes or cables that are attached to pulleys connected to the ceiling or a tower. This device allows a coach to support a … Continue reading