Definition: Straight Position

Straight Position: A gymnastics body position, usually in tumbling or somersaulting dismounts in which the body is straight. The elements performed in this position are more difficult than ones done in tuck or pike. Also called the layout position.

Definition: Straddle Split

Straddle Split: A split in which the legs are extended to the left and right, until a 180 degree angle between the legs is reached.

Definition: Straddle Glide

Straddle Glide: A swinging movement usually done into a kip in which the legs are spread wide apart to each side usually to make it easier to hold up the legs as oppose to a pike glide.

Definition: Straddle

Straddle: A body position in which the body faces forward and the legs are spread far apart to the side, ideally to a 180 degree split or more.

Definition: Still Rings

Still Rings: A men’s gymnastics apparatus and event. The equipment apparatus consists of a tower, 575 centimeters high, from which two wooden/fiberglass rings are suspended by a cable and straps. The cable and straps are 300 centimeters long and 50 … Continue reading

Definition: Stick

Stick: A gymnastics term used when a gymnast executes a dismount or landing with such good technique that they take no steps on the landing. Also refers to the traditional position which gymnasts hold on landing dismounts. Sticking consistently takes … Continue reading